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Measuring instruments
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Firm information

Adress: SHIELD Measuring and Security Instruments Ltd.
1081 Budapest, Fiumei str. 25, Hungary

Telephone: (+36-1) 313-5241,
(+36-1) 313-5242

Telefax: (+36-1) 313-4257


The SHIELD Measuring and Security Instruments Ltd. was founded in 1993, we are 17 this year. Our company represents 3 different lines of business for a couple of years now.

The security line of business primarly based its name by selling Canadian DSC alarm systems, but we also do retail-, and wholesale trades for access controls, and smoke detectors.

In the video survaillance line of business we are selling our own brands: Golden—eye cameras, and LIBERATOR 60 and 120 Digital Video Recorders (DVR).In the last quarter of 2009 we became authorized independent distributors of Arecont Vision.

The measuring instruments business branch are the exclusive distributor for a couple of well known foreign manufacturers.

·  ZPA Ekoreg pressure- and temperature regulator (Czech Republic)

·  BAUMER BOURDON-HAENNI preasurre- temperature measuring instruments and regulators (Switzerland)

·  REGADA s.r.o. valvecontroll manufacturer (Szlovakia)

·  ZPA Pečky s.r.o. valvecontroll manufacturer (Czech Republic ).

·  Danfoss pressure- temperature regulators, flow controllers (Denmark)

·  Pressy manometers

·  Other manometer factory (Germany).

Of course we can provide other products from other manufacturers, wich are used in industry automatization. 

Our expanding reseller network helps our work, with its help we can cover the farest parts of the country, supplying all the needs.

Our professional colleagues are prepeared to answer to all your questions and give professional support.

Mr. Zoltán Guba, product manager, measuring instruments, electric drives, standard manometers, fittings

Mr. Attila Vas, product manager, measuring instruments, temperature measurement, temperature controllers, pressure controllers, level controllers

Mr. János Görög, sales manager, security systems, cameras

Mr. Attila Soltész, computer engeneer, digital video recorders


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